Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Experience Sitting On A Plane Next To A Drug Mule

After a weekend getaway trip to Puerto Rico, I was well relaxed, rested, and ready to return back to work/school 24/7. The usual. However, I was not expecting my plane ride back to JFK to be one of the most traumatic experiences I've ever had in my 20 years of living.

SO. On my flight, I was in seat 13B. When I got to my seat and pushed my bag under after taking out work I was going to do, I noticed that the older woman in 13A (window) was knocked the f**k out. An hour-and-a-half passed and the woman wakes up. So I'm writing on some sticky notes while pretending I'm not noticing her staring at the bathroom. Then she says, "Necesito usar el baño, ¿puedes dejarme de salir?" I said, "¡Claro que sí mama!" So I put my tray up, took my work up, and let her pass. As she was climbing over me, she FALLS on top of me. She's just sprawled out on top of me passed out. I press the flight attendant button and they come and help me out with her.

I take out a cookie that's sweet, so maybe she'll eat it but all she wants to do is go to the bathroom. So they help her up and walk her to the bathroom. She faints in the middle of the aisle and they can't get her up. The captain makes an announcement to ask if anybody is a nurse. 2 people respond and get up to help her. Flight attendants bring her a ridiculous amount of food, sugar drinks, and water. The captain STOPS the plane in mid-air. I guess they were waiting for a signal if they should turn back or not. The woman can't get up. They take her blood pressure. 83. They feed her. She regains some life. Then she goes to the bathroom and tries to shit out the bullets she has in her. She's losing consciousness. She comes back to the seat. Goes to the bathroom again. She repeats this 3 more times and one more time after the plane lands. Nobody realized she was a mule until her last bathroom trip when it was obvious she was trying to get all of the bullets out of her body. However, I knew from day 1 that she was a mule because I watched "María Llena Eres de Gracia (Maria Full of Grace)" in HS AND while taking classes at Harvard over the summer. Dead! Google it! AND when they were harassing me for 5 hours at Miami's airport a month ago, since I they claim I do too much traveling, I said to the bastard, "I am not a drug mule! I am not Maria!" I knew what was going on with the woman, I'm well-familiar because of that movie. I don't know what happened after because as soon as I left the plane, I bounced. Now I'm on my way to my in-laws for Sunday dinner + the Superbowl. Before I got on the plane I Tweeted that US Immigration needs to worry about Puerto Rico instead of being so brutal in Miami. I could have easily put coke in my TSA-approved baby powder bottle and got in with it. That woman would've gotten away if she wasn't dying. I kind of cried a little bit because this is what women are succumbing to for money, or it's the only means of surviving for their family. On a better note. I got a lot of work done and I found my Chanel lip gloss (I thought I left it in my hotel room). TSA rampaged through my bag and it got lost inside. 

I actually don't think she was caught. Since Puerto Rico is U.S. territory, we didn't have to go through immigration or customs. She could've walked right out unless the flight crew called the police. But they were all mostly Puerto Rican and felt for her, sometimes familia is for familia. I'll be on a plane again in a few weeks and I'm just wondering what's about to pop off in my life next. Never a dull moment. If that woman was dealing with hardcore drug dealers, they'll kill her if she lost all the drugs. Some of them have no pity.

All of this is what I Tweeted, and these were not all, but some of my friends/followers reactions.

RT @Eye_X_urMind tweets is a suspenseful story!!! love kinda life :)

RT but why do things like this always happen to u? <- I stopped asking myself that and accepted that this is my life.

RT : I expect this to possibly be scene when you write the screenplay for your life lol <-- there's worse stories.

RT : then its a crime for you to not share these stories lol. I dont think i could ever say I sat next to a drug mule on a flight.
 Never a dull moment in my life. Nunca. 


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