Friday, October 14, 2011

Inside Health: Miles For Hope Charity For Brain Tumor Research, In Honor Of My Father

In honor of my late dad, I'm aiming to run the 2012 Boston Marathon for Miles for Hope, a charity committed to furthering the research for brain tumors in order to find a cure. I've always wanted to run a marathon, and when I found out I could run for a charity, my father came to my mind instinctively. Running in his honor would be an extreme accomplishment, and if I don't do it this upcoming year, I will keep trying, trying, and trying to get in. I have to fulfill the guidelines of this charity, as well as a long prolix process. Until then, please help me get to $500 of donations by donating anything, even $5, to the Miles for Hope charity. You can accomplish this by clicking the link to this website: Earl Rose - Miles for Hope. At the top, right corner of the page, there is a link that says "give now" in black and yellow. Just click that link and it will lead you to an easy credit-card process and you have the choice of giving however much you want. You can also leave your name there so I know that you donated, and I can thank you with ALL my love and appreciation if I see this. Anything great to do in my father's name, I will do, because his legacy and spirit lives on. I appreciate all of the love I've been getting for this, and I always encourage new people who don't know what this is about to donate. You will be apart of a great cause. :)


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