Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tampa Bay vs. New York Yankees!

So basically, Bory & I had another one of our adventures and we went to our first Yankees game! My Bostonian peeps didn't like this (since I'm from Boston), especially because of my custom-made Yankees cap. However, I think they were overreacting because 1) everybody needs a Yankees hat and 2) everyone needs to go to the Yankee stadium at least once, that's history right there.

The game was HILARIOUS to me because it was a NY vs. Tampa Bay game, YET, I still heard chants of "F*** BOSTON!" Like really? Thank God I didn't wear my Boston Red Sox cap (which I always do) because there were a few random BOLD Boston guy fans a few rows up above me and they almost got into an altercation with BOLD Yankees' fans. Throughout the whole game they were at it with each other even though they were about a hundred seats apart. Bory & I were laughing the whole game.

Now I really had an up-close-and-personal experience with this tension between the Red Sox and Yankees. I represent Boston when it comes to sports full throttle, but I am not a baseball fan. I'm more likely to get into a brawl over the Patriots or Celtics than the Red Sox, sorry guys. :(

I still got yo back though Boston!


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