Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Dad's Celebration For The Golden Era Of Reggae Music

What a grand evening.

Reggae, REAL Reggae has been in my veins since my dad used to take my brother and I on tour with him. When we used to watch Everton Blender & Frankie Paul in the studio practicing while standing right next to my dad. When dad took Richie Spice to the mall to get some clothes because Boston was so cold and all he had was some clothes from Jamaica, an amazing voice, and a long journey ahead of him that none of us could have imagined would have gotten him this far. You just gotta love Reggae.

 Joshua Blood, Everton Blender, and Daddy

Uncle Raphael, Frankie Paul, Daddy, and uncle Raphael's son

Shortly after my brother's graduation that occurred earlier on that day, we headed to my father's place for a little get together he was keeping. Deon ended up keeping on his graduation clothes and we both took pictures with our high school diplomas. Me, getting through Boston Latin School, and Deon, getting through Boston Latin Academy, was not an easy task. It's not an easy task for anybody who has ever or will ever go to either. It's at its utmost necessary to flaunt those diplomas and we did so.

Slowly people trickled in, including my sister, so my dad got some really beautiful pictures with all of us.

The night really was about the love for Reggae. One of my dad's good old friends (way back when they were in the music industry), John Bechard, wanted to show a film on the birth and growth of Reggae. The film was called Rocksteady. We invited some close friends and family members, just enough where all would be able to fit in the theater, to celebrate the night with us. I had to leave early, but I heard it turned out well and the film was really good. My father is a huge Reggae fanatic and I know he appreciated this night a lot. Throughout the night, many memories were recollected as I thought about the years when my dad was active in the industry, and my mom would allow my brother and I to go on tour with him when we were out of school for the summer. The clubs, the beaches, the festivals, all different types of venues and artists swept through my mind as I socialized with our guests through the night. It is a night I will never forget. Lots of love, laughs, and memories shared, as well as memories made.

With love, love, love, and love <3


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