Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend In Miami!

"Me and 40 back to work, but we still smell like a vacation." -Drake

Success! Success! Success! Even though I didn't get a chance to go to KOD lol, Memorial Weekend was a success. I flew in Friday evening and flew out Tuesday morning.

Soooo Friday night all we did was vibe on South Beach with thousssaaaaaaaaands of other people who came to Miami for the weekend. The number of celebrities that were there was countless. Lil Wayne, Drake, Shabba Ranks, Rick Ross, Fabulous, Trey Songz, Diddy, Omarion, Ace Hood, Trina, literally over a 100, I just can't  remember from the top of my head. Any Hip-Hop artist that performed at Best of the Best on Saturday or any Reggae artist that performed at Best of the Best on Sunday was there! Including Vybz Kartel via satellite lol! Friday night we were supposed to go to KOD but it didn't happen. I wish we did though bcause I heard Weezy & Drake threw $250,000 into the air (daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn)! How I miss that? My mom has bills to pay and sh*t!

Instead we ate on the strip at Johnny Rockets.

Saturday came. I woke up and headed straight to News Cafe on the strip for some breakfast.  

I did a little shopping on Collins than ate at another restaurant where they were having happy hour. Enough time passed where it was time to go get ready for the nightly activities. I love to eatttttttttt!

"Like what's up wit yo' best friend. We could all have some funnnnnn, believe me." - Drake

We ended up going to the Floridian Ballroom, a reaaaal Jamaican party was held there. We enjoyed it a lot, as expected when you hit the ballroom. Ate up a storm at iHop in the wee hours of the morning after lol.

"Imma sip it til' I feel it, Imma smoke it til' it's done." -Drake

Sunday came! It was finally time for the best all-inclusive party in Miami: Chill! Deney always be bragging about it, amongst other friends, so I was real excited to go for the 1st time. The line was sooooooooo long but we didn't have to worry about that lol. We ended up enjoying ourselves a lot, a little too much actually. Renaissance shut it down as they always do. We got free "Chill" cups for all the all-inclusive drinks!


Right after, we headed home real quick then headed to a huge mansion party @ Eden. Chafeeza & I knocked out on our way there lol. What do you expect, we've been getting no sleep!

"I don't really give a fu*k, and my excuse is that I'm young." -Drake

 Monday morning eventually came and we found our way back home. Woke up around 10am (don't know how) and headed to the mall, then to Fort Lauderdale beach with family. Had some pizza @ Flavors of Italy Bistro before relaxing.

The weekend was pretty fun and I look forward to it next year if I plan on going. KOD is in no way passing me next year because I loveeeeeeee that place and it makes me sad that I missed it. :( They were charging like $300 to get in also because EVERYBODY was trying to get into KOD every night of that weekend, I don't blame 'em.  But I'm glad I enjoyed the weekend overall because if I didn't then I would be GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

P.S. Check my nails out. I love the color this time!

"And I'm only gettin' olda, somebody shoulda told ya." - Drake

Xoxo, B.


  1. LOL @ "The line was sooooooooo long but we didn't have to worry about that lol."

  2. Lol thanks to you and Deneyizzzzzle