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Saturday, September 19, 2015

St. Lucia, A Must Go!

Such a small beautiful island! My mother and I visited the island for a few days. Needless to say, it reminds me of Jamaica, but the small island has its own friendly culture that attracts visitors to come back! During our stay here, we stayed at a lovely guesthouse that I highly recommend. One, because Debra is amazing and you'll see the reviews on Trip Advisor. Two, because it's only 5 minutes away fro m the airport, if that. Three, because it's perfectly in between Castries and Soufriere, the two largest towns in St. Lucia. We stayed in Vieux Fort. Castries, is the capital, we're all the hustle and bustle is on the north of the island. Soufrire is on the west coast, where all the beautiful, natural attractions are.

My mom and I chose to live how the locals do, which is always the best way to me. Not only did we save money, but we got to experience things that tourists don't really get to, particularly having the frequent interaction of the St. Lucian people and their friendliness. 

In Sourfriere, we visited the island's number one (and must-go) attraction: the volcano. It was very cheap, no more than $10 USD (I forgot how much in EC). This price includes a tour guide that gives you brief history and facts about the volcano. It lasted about 20 minutes. It was great! 

One thing I appreciate about having immigrant parents from the rural Caribbean, or parents that come from any type of hard life, is them raising you just how they were raised: to be fearless. Climbed down to a section of this volcano just to feel the 115F water.

Shortly after, I wanted to go to a waterfall. I was told of the Botanical Gardens, which is also a favorite on the island for visitors, but I wasn't interested in the muddy waterfall (that is very good for your skin by the way). I instead visited Toraille Waterfall which wa more private and only cost $3 USD to get in. No regrets with this one. 

Real cocoa! This is where chocolate comes from!

My mom really made breakfast for the entire guesthouse lol. This woman. The whole time in the island she end up making friends, as always. I'm already expecting some St. Lucians, specifically the owner of the guesthouse and a woman who kindly took time away from her job as a guide to show us around privately, to visit us in Boston next year. 

I recently turned a pescetarian and enjoyed this vegetable roti!

We shopped at the local supermarket and my mom cooked while at the guesthouse. Of course I had to find Grace Pepper Sauce lol (and Ting). I also enjoyed the St. Lucian beer, Piton!

The next day we visited Castries. This is where the businesses are, the big markets, and where the majority of people on the island live!

I've been recently making a lot of my own natural products and was thrilled to find these natural products from the island. STOKED, really. I brought some home of course!

St. Lucian food is good!

 All in all, I had a great time on this island. Very relaxing. I got lots of sleep and personal time to read a current book I'm reading "Ishmael", and to write for an upcoming book I'm putting out soon. The only thing I wish I did was experience the mud bath; definitely recommend doing this along with the volcanoes (where you can have a mud bath), Botanical Gardens (where you can also have a mud bath) and waterfalls (there are actually a few). However, St. Lucia does have a carnival that I've always wanted to go to. So I will be back FOR sure. Awesome time in St. Lucia! A sweet island with very kind people.



Saturday, September 5, 2015

Earl Rose's Tombing 2015

So much inspiration from the positive vibes Jamaica exudes everywhere, especially while spending a lot of time at home with my thoughts and nature. A trip home always rejuvenates me. So much new material I added to the book. I cannot wait to share the final masterpiece with everyone. #higherbybiancarose

I didn't realize my week in Jamaica to tomb my father would've been this life-changing for me. I've always been a positive person, always thankful for life, enjoying it to my fullest. However, this vacation showed me how good of a man my father was. He was beloved by the people in his community. I never knew he took care of so many people, I knew he was a good guy that people respected but I didn't know the love and respect was this deep. When my brother and I were walking or jogging down the road everybody had something good to say, and they go out their way to tell you about him. When they see us walking by--staring at us, we always say hi, good morning, walk up to them wholeheartedly and shake their hand. When this happens, it almost seems like they don't expect it. It seems like a surprise that Earl's kids are just like him. It almost seems like a relief to them that the energy persists onto another generation. I wish I could explain in words the happiness on their faces when we acknowledge them, like they think we're better off then them or something, then that's when they get comfortable and get into talking about daddy. My dad was a really good human being. This realization was huge for my evolution and being certain of who I am. My confidence is locked. I know who I am. I know why I'm here. Sometimes I feel like I always say this but every time I say this I know I've taken a further step into being my highest self. My brother and I have a clearer understanding as to why we have such good hearts and people fuck with us, we get it from both of our parents and we never noticed because that's just how life always was for us: being good to people, giving all that you can when you can. Both their vibes combined together resulted with me and Deon. We realized we have an obligation to take up where our father left off and we're taking notice of the places this journey will take us if we are better or just as good as my father was. Everyone always says, "Earl lived a full life" -- always. And now I understand it's not just because he lived his life doing what made him happy, but he was good to people, and that feeling makes you feel like life is complete.

One of my father's friends, Tony

Lumsden, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica

One of our favorite jerk spots,
Scotchies, Ocho Rios

Blue Hole, St. Mary

Enjoying some food at our uncle's restaurant: 
The Roxborough Bar & Grill, Ocho Rios

Pit stop on the way home! I live for these random moments. 

A toast of white rum with some of my family and some of daddy's friends around the way, to daddy and the completion of his tombing. I cannot express in words how inspiring the vibes around me are in Jamaica. Roy, in the light blue, is one of my father's truest friends from when they were boys. He built my father's house and all he ever talks about, like everyone else, is how good my father was to people. Always sad when he talks about him. He buried my father and tombed my father for no cost. Refused money even though it took them 3 long days from sun up to sun down to complete this. He reminded me of what the definition of friendship is. He reminded me how high human beings can reach within. These vibes are too strong for me to ever let go. This is the energy that keeps the world going round. 

Too much partying...

Drinking peppermint tea, reasoning about life, and jogging, were our daily, and favorite, morning rituals

One of these exclusive spots the tourism board doesn't commercialize
Private Area, Caribbean Sea

Earl Rose's Tomb

Jamaica had such a profound effect, more than ever before. We will be back sooner than later; and each time will be better! You could feel that energy in the air.