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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inside Life: Daddy's 3-Year Death Anniversary

Three years ago, on July 19th, Kimone Clarke & I watched my father take his last breath, as we held his hand on each side. I remember the 2 tears coming down from his eyes as soon as they stared into space. Unforgettable. His bed to the slight right of his closet filled with luxury brands. This is when I realized the non-power in money. Money ain't shit. I saw life & I saw death, my own father's. I'm after more valuable things in life that you can't buy. Things that when I get them, I'll be smiling & ready for Him to take me in my deathbed instead; satisfied. It should never be questioned why I'm always happy, even when I have nothing, shouldn't be questioned why I'm 23 living life fuller than retirees, traveling all these places, willing to know all new faces, in rags or in luxury. It's very clear to me that I have one life. Clearer to me than a lot of people & still everyday I'm confused by people's erratic behavior. But I stopped after finding God, realizing that a human being is only difficult due to a lack of Knowledge. This is authenticity. This unbothered mentality is earned, well-deserved & it comes from a struggle where only half has been told. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. All that I'm trying to be & do is still because of you & mommy. Shine on me. I sense you every night when I lay down in my bed truly content & grateful for making it through another day. Your picture by my door, your smile, is the last thing I see before I shut my eyes. Every year gets better when dealing with this because every year I've found a new way to live & appreciate life. I don't know what bigger blessing you or Him could've sent me. I miss you so much. RIP Earl Rose.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inside Life: My Perfect World

In my fantasy world: everybody is happy. Everybody is getting money. All families have a tight bond. Your friends are loyal. Everybody smokes weed, everybody sets at least one day out the week to be meditative. Everybody loves Beres Hammond. Everybody respects Vybz Kartel. Everybody loves partying to trap music. Everybody understands that part of living life and being happy is helping others. Everybody understands that it doesn't take much to help or uplift others, just true words of encouragement and real love. Only competition that exists is in sports. 
Everyone is a minimalist. People can make their life about fashion, but nobody makes their life about name-brand. Everybody can swim. All different cultures/religions/ethnic backgrounds are all having babies with each other. Everybody in the hood got a job and is getting money legally. The feds and commoners get along. Everybody talks shit out of sarcasm and fun, not out of malice, while still being able to be fam/friends with each other. Everybody loves to laugh. Everybody loves to travel. Everybody accepts other peoples and their ways of life. The rich realizes it's more fun to share the money than to keep all of it. Everybody loves being healthy and going to the gym. Everybody loves learning something new, and embraces education. Everybody goes to school for something they want to do, not four years of a whole bunch of different shit (stupid America). Everybody loves to bruk out at parties. Everybody's always finding new ways to celebrate life. All girls have natural hair, natural body parts, and only wear make-up occasionally; they embrace naturalness and realness Everybody helps everybody get to the top; no shade. Girls will realize their potential to get their own money and stop using their vagina for financial purposes. If you want money just ask him. Everybody understands how crazy it is that we only have one life and that we shouldn't be negative or be killing each other, we should be taking advantage of the very best life has to offer us -- together. There is a cure for every deadly disease. People stop treating celebrities like gold, and treat them them as human beings (cause we got that all fkd up -- blogpost coming soon). Everyone does their best to make God happy so He can give us more life. Girls drink beer. Girls can play football lawfully. Everyone understands that to truly dissipate words like "niggas" and "bitches", you overly use the words openly on whoever you feel like so the word has no meaning at all, or at least not the same as it once did (if you ban people from saying a word, they're still gonna say it, and it's original meaning will always be there). Niggas stop lying on their d***. Bitchassniggas realize the more "bitches" they got the stupider they look. Music supersedes politics. Theres' steam rooms built in to every house. That's all. I think I got everything. #myperfectworld

Friday, February 28, 2014

Inside Adventures: South Florida 2014

More fun in the sun or nah? YES! Or since I was coming directly from San Francisco where it rained the entire weekend, not to mention the winter storm concurrently happening back in Boston, it was time for THE fun in the sun. My girl Posh, coming from DC, met up in South Florida (the name I'm using now instead of Miami/Fort Lauderdale) on a whim and it turned out to be a very fun trip, not that I was expecting anything less. This was most definitely a spontaneous trip, moreso because I have lots of family to stay with and I'm somewhat acquainted with the area now. I stayed with a friend in Boca, a small hotel in Fort Lauderdale and then the last 2 nights with my family. Turned out to be a turnup trip, reconciling with friends I haven't seen in years and then meeting up with friends I already have there. Turntttttttt upppp, and we didn't even club! I swear as I get older, I'm having more and more turnups behind the scenes with my peoples rather than in the nightlife scene, and that should say a lot about you and your friends. We create the fun with what we got boo! 

Posh got a room at Extended Stay of America, a hotel I knew nothing about prior. Everything always happens for a reason, because now I know that is where I'm going to stay anytime I'm visiting an area in the US that has one. The price is ridiculously affordable and the place is nothing compared to a shithole, it is actually beautiful. The room we were in was perfect, and I'm assuming all Extended Stays are somewhat similar. Every room comes with kitchen and living room area, so it's more of a suite. It's perfect if you want to visit family in a different state but want your own little space, or if you're on a low budget altogether. Since I go to SoFl all the time, this is my new spot without question. Posh and I ended up having great turnup times here, from relaxing by the pool to making Dancheall tunes in our room (videos on IG). 

Yes, that is a ridiculously huge iguana. First time I'm seeing such a big one NOT in a zoo (nope, haven't seen those in Jamaica yet). 

My cous Chantelle came to hang with us and she took us to this secret spot (someone's house in FLL hahaha) where this woman makes dope alcoholic and sexual frozen drinks. It's pretty well-known around the area. We went twice. I think I got Pink Pussy and Sex on the Beach? I can't remember. Thinking about doing the same here. Too delicious. 

Caught on the Gram

Volleyball time at Fort Lauderdale beach. Chantelle used to play for her high school team.

Grabbed a quick bite from one of the many restaurants across the street and Posh decided to sit on someone's lap before we left. 

I met up with a girl I have not seen in years (like over 10 years). We went to a school called the Boston Renaissance together then she moved to Fort Lauderdale. So when she saw I was in FLL and we linked through Instagram (thanks again, Instagram), it all went downhill from there, or uphill I should say (*winks*). We met up at Fort Lauderdale Beach, turnt up with my friends who brought a cooler filled with liquor and Jamaican sandwiches that we kept making fun of but kept eating too. The next day we got into the same shenanigans at my friend's house before heading to Las Olas. Shakira gave more meaning for me to come to South Florida more often. The turnup is real and if we can't find it, we create it! I think it's dope when you find girls who live life just like you. You wish you were close to them all along! Life can never not be fun with a girl that lives life. 

Met up with my booshkah Aleeyah for a short time before she had to go to work. I haven't seen her cute face in so long! So even an hour of chill time was enough. Quick girl talk, but meaningful. I love when girls learn early that they want to live life, and are willing to work hard to get there and do that! Life gets so much easier from there. Pretty soon there's going to be a whole lot more of us.

Selfie with my little star cous, Maddy

More sexual drinks with the crew!

Linkup time with more familia. Last night in FLL, and my cousins Nich and Deney came through for a quick chill. Always fun times with la familia. La familia is necessary and first always.

Until next time S. Florida! Headed back home to Boston on Valentine's Day.

Inside Adventures: San Francisco 2014

We ended up in the Bay! My girl Krista invited me on her birthday trip to San Francisco which I was excited about because I had San Fran already on my list of to-dos. Before we get to the fun part (because it was an awesome mini-trip), I need to share the fact that I missed my first flight the Friday night I was supposed to leave AND my second flight the next Saturday morning. Then when finally in San Fran and it was time to leave, I missed my flight to FLL. Like it's not even funny and it's ridiculous. I think I'm superwoman when it comes to making flights and it needs to stop. I FKN hate when I waste money on that type of shit. I just wanna shoot everybody in the airport especially the airline workers. ANYWAYS. San Fran was bomb!

We dined at 1300 on Fillmore for Krista's birthday, which happens to be ran by Chef David Lawrence. My friends told me it was ran by a Jamaican chef, so of course I researched it and it turned out to be true. David Lawrence is a white Jamaican that has a dope restaurant conveniently located in the heart of the city, that's one thing I definitely know. I didn't know what to choose because there was a lot of seafood (and I'm not a big seafood person as yet), but I chose the burger. And the burger was LIFE, especially after we came back from the club HANGRY.


Krista, birthday girl

"Let's get into some fun sh*t!" ~Drake

The plan was to hit up San Fran's popular nightlife areas, which we did. Our hotel was already conveniently located in the heart of Union Square, so we ventured off to somewhere we haven't been: Broadway. Broadway and its surrounding areas have tons of clubs and stripclubs that we can say we experienced from outside, because we never made it in. My girls went into once club for about an hour, but the real fun was back at the hotel room. Shout out to Parc 55 Wyndham  (stay here if you're ever going to visit San Fran, seriously conveniently located). We were turnt. That's all I have to say. 

Like I mentioned twice already, the hotel we were at had the perfect location. Not only were we in Union Square where all the shops and restaurants were walking distance from, but the tourist things to do were also easily accessible from where we were at. To hop on a historic cable car was only a 2-minute walk from the hotel. The girls were all still knocked from the night before, so I ventured off to experience San Fran's best by myself. The cable car was truly an experience that everyone should try, and it lived up to be everything I thought it was: amazing. I've always wanted to get on one since reading books like The Joy Luck Club by Asian/SanFran native Amy Tan, or favorite movies like The Princess Diaries. To be on one of these while going up famous hills, everything! The cable car also conveniently stops at other famous tourist attractions along the way, including the historical Chinatown  the famous Lombard Street. I accidentally stumbled upon Lombard.

The whole time, I was actually en route to see the Golden Gate Bridge and decided to knock out other tourist things while on the way. So when it was time to get off (the ticket collector was helping me with directions), the ticket collector pointed to where I should go, but due to my mind being on other things (the sweet Cali green my girl gave me), I was lost when I hopped off the car. Before I took out my map, I decided to roll up first (to prevent the pretend stress I imagined myself having). I looked to my right and there was a very zig-zaggy hill going down, right next to it was a straight walkway with a ramp, so I chose to go down that and find a sitting/secret place right in the middle. Low and behold, my mhfkn ass was sitting in the middle of the famous zig zag of Lombard Street. Only I! Soon enough other random people and cars quickly stopped by, and when I told one man how this view was incredible, he shared with me what this all was, then I asked him to take a picture. ONLY I.

And finally, I hit the world wonder. Along with trying to attend all of the carnivals in the world that I possibly can, my plan is the same for seeing all of the world's wonders. When I finally got to the bridge, it was mhfkn breathtaking. I really was expecting something like the Brooklyn Bridge that I'm very used to, so I didn't really think a bridge could bring me awe, until I got here. I completely forgot to mention that it was raining the whole weekend. After months of a drought, it decided to rain the weekend we got there. But me being me. learning to make the best out of unfavorable situations. still didn't let it bother me. And it all worked out in my favor when I got to the bridge, because the rain provided the fog that made the bridge that much more incredible. I mean I'm either really making the best out of situations or the fog backdrop truly glorified The Golden Gate Bridge, or both. I made some wacky Instagram videos (as I usually do whenever I'm somewhere, sucks that I can't embed them anywhere), and I tried to record myself walking the whole bridge and couldn't. the scene was just too freaking powerful for me. I was about to walk over a sea or an ocean that I didn't even know the name of yet, and on top of the fact that I couldn't see the other side. So all I would se is water on either sides of me. No thank you! As adventurous as I am, I even shocked myself with that refusal. Entirely amazing! And fu*k these timestamps Samsung! How do you even get those off?

Dope trip or nah?