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Friday, November 13, 2015

Hello Windy City! Chicago, Conquered!

We have conquered the WINDY CITY! Another fun adventure! And it was windy indeed, even the freaking plane was swinging side to side as we were pulling off the runway. We only had a few hours to kill sh*t so we were on a roll. They conveniently have a train that runs right from the airport to the city, the blue line, which happens to be a thing (because there's a filter for it on Snapchat haha), so we hopped on that. We had three things on our agenda: Cloud Gate, pizza and the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears tower and formerly the tallest building in the world, now the 2nd in the western hemisphere)!

Well, we got to Cloud Gate, and we had represent Beantown while in the Chitown by throwing the threes up in front of the bean! Our next mission was to find the best pizza around, and we headed to Giordano's which was conveniently a block away from the Willis Tower. It took 35-40 minutes for them to make our pizza, that's how much Chicago cares about their food. I have never been to a restaurant where they actually gave me a refill of a drink when the current was half-full. They really stick to that half-full rule. I was impressed! The deep dish pizza was good. We had half-cheese and half-super veggie (recent, proud no-meat eaters). I'm not the biggest pizza fan but you have to make sacrifices when you want to experience epic sh*t. I'm sure a pizza fanatic would of loved it. They're rated #1 by many accredited entities. 

Lastly, we ended off with the epic climb of the tower! Well we took an elevator up, and all of the good energy we were exuding in the air kept working in our favor. Usually the lines warrant a 2-hour wait. We were lucky. We don't know if it was because of it being a holiday, Veterans Day (HAPPY VETERANS DAY!), but there was absolutely no wait. We didn't have the time for that anyways. We had to hurry and catch a flight back. Then, when we got to the elevator, we had just missed one that was too packed for us to get on. But then, the one right next to it opened, and we got on it alone. At this point we're just like, is this for real? We got up to the top and expected a long line to go on the ledge. Do you think there was a long line? Nope! Then one of the staff members go, "up to three parties can go on the ledge at a time, it doesn't have to be one!" So then that cut down even more time. We had fun man! And the Skydeck is awesome! It was scary as well, being on the ledge, looking thousands of feet below you!

Chicago is a dope city. Next time, I want to experience the forbidden Southside and a little jazz nightlife (particularly where the Mafia used to hang). It reminds me a lot of Boston, but more like Philly. I want to get to know it more. 

For some reason time just kept being on our side. Maybe because we weren't wasting it. Maybe because we were enjoying it, as we're supposed to. Our flight got delayed twice, allowing us to even be able to wait for that deep dish pizza, or there miraculously being no line and easier for us to conquer the Willis Tower. Good energy is everything. Energy is everything. 


Monday, November 2, 2015

They Have Vineyards in New England? Zorvino Vineyards!

Real Cool. This might sound sort of dumb (hopefully just 'sort of'), but I honestly didn't know vineyards existed in the Northeast! I mean, I think it's fair to assume so since we need sun 24/7 for the fruits to grow? Maybe not. Either way, wine is an art to me that I want to become more familiar with. I have started the journey. I took my boyfriend to a wine tasting at Zorvino Vineyards. I highly recommend my readers to visit this very hospitable location in New Hampshire. We tasted about 10 different wines: white, red, fruity, etc. We were tipsy by the time it was time for the tour. The guide gave us some cool history on the vineyard and the owner, who happened to pop his head right in between my beau and I as we were listening. Before he even appeared, which was very cool, I already deemed in my head that this man is a genius, and a very nice guy based on the information the guide was giving us. The experiences prior of getting random discounts if your wine bottle has a cork screw that says "1.00 off" and being able to take the customized Zorvino glasses that we used to taste, home, made me happier. I could tell the owner is very giving, and as a result, I know that's why his business profits gradually. You can't be greedy. You must give, and mean it. 

All the wines were amazing. There's always going to be some that's too sweet, too dry, but there's always a wine for you. We bought a box of different Zorvino wines before opening one of them and enjoying a walk through the vineyards. It was a beautiful Fall day where a couple and their party were taking their professional pictures post-wedding, another popular thing to do with their function hall located upstairs. 

Awesome staff, awesome wine, and the drive is only about 50-55 minutes from the Boston area. 

For all of my future wine connoisseurs, embark on this journey with me!

Finally! Salem for Halloween!


I have had Salem on my bucket list forever. Thankfully, I always have the coolest people to call to do the whackiest stuff. What is there not to love! Including Halloween!

It turned out to be a great idea to go on the 30th and bring in the 31st while there, rather than go there on Halloween and deal with crowds. I say this specifically because we wanted the real deal. We wanted to experience spooky things without crowds. WE REALY WANTED TO BE AFRAID! Mission accomplished.

We walked all the way down to a lighthouse with no other physical body present other than ours. We totally jumped the fence of the Salem Witch Museum's graveyard and roamed through it. Definitely spooky. We left the main area and drove to Gallows Hill by ourselves, or what we thought was Gallows Hill (why were there no signs?). It was scary as hell and I honestly tried to leave early LOL. Tesia and Beca would not have it! I had my pepper spray in hand, Beca had her defense mechanism, Tesia was alert; we were ready.

We also visited other staple locations related to the history of Salem, and had a few drinks at the Tavern. We had an unforgettable time! I would do this again every year with the ones I love! I consider Salem one of the most important cities in the world when it comes to Halloween. It feels good to experience a world people are obsessed with. Very happy we did it. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Miami Carnival 2015!

I vowed that I'd never go back to Miami for carnival, at least for a while. I love Miami but after a few days, it starts to get boring. I get tired of partying. This was a special weekend, however, it was one of my sister's  (aka one of my closest homegirl's) birthday weekend! What a time! TO BE ALIVE! Keisha, who also happens to be my DJ partner, planned out a fantabulous weekend, which didn't include the spontaneous experiences we had at unplanned events.

Keisha, I, and Takiyah stayed at a cute hotel in Miami for the weekend. From the beginning of the weekend until the end, there were positive vibes everywhere and we never let a day go to waste, nor end in bad energy. We had the times of our lives at carnival! This was my 2nd time playing mas at carnival, third time at Miami carnival period, and this was by far my best experience yet. I was actually with Trinis on the road (Keisha is half-Trini and half-Jamaican); I realize they provide a whole different experience on the road. We also enjoyed a Scorch party (Duck n' Work), Wet Fete, a mansion party @ Casa Grande, and the unforgettable Glass House (absolute best party I've ever been to in Miami).

Duck n' Work

Wet Fete

Having not too many carnival pics always means you had the BEST time!

Lovely Haitian man gave me a free vegan roti before di bouncing start lol

Casa Grande

Glass House


Birthday girl

More professional photos from carnival...